Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bynum Storytelling Signup Form

Bynum Storytelling Signup Form - For folks interested in telling a story or emceeing at the Bynum General Store Storytelling. Also at charity events and Pittsboro's First Sunday Art Walk's Storytelling Tent.

Bynum General Store Storytelling shows are on the 2nd Saturdays at 950 Bynum Road Pittsboro, NC at 6:30pm.

Each show has 4-5 storytellers with 10-30 minute sets and a professional emcee. There are a variety of tellers at each show: personal narrative, folk tales, tall tales, spiritual journeys... 

Wondering if a creative piece is "right?" Long form poetry, chronological journal entries, etc. are acceptable ways to deliver a story. That it is a story is what is important! A story is a narrative with character(s) audience members can identify with. They are on a journey - facing challenges or in search of a quest. The story ends with resolution - the main character(s) changed by the journey. (Want to work on a story? The Bynum Comedy Workshop meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays 6-9pm. All are welcome.)

All material must be family friendly. "Most enjoyed by those 8 and above." An 8 year old doesn't have to understand every emotional nuance - but your story should have enough recognizable bits an 8 year old can follow along.

The monthly storytelling shows are free but we pass the hat. 20% goes to - the non-profit which manages the Bynum General Store. The remainder is shared equally by the tellers and the emcee. The charity shows we do to help the community. We can get donation receipts for your time and your mileage - just ask!

The Bynum General Store is a community center and performance venue. There is a stage, lights, a full sound system and sound man.

Last, the promotion of the show is a collaboration between the tellers, Cynthia and her co-producer, and the Bynum Front Porch organization. For example, we all add friends in the area to the Facebook event, share the flyer on our webpage, and post a few flyers. Cross promotion has been key to the success of the show. (Please share your show announcements with us! We'll gladly promote them!  :-) )

Please send any questions to Cynthia Raxter - via this form, or call 919-444-9535.

Thank you so much for your time and interest!!! We can't wait to work with you!

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