Thursday, May 9, 2013

Strawberry Dreams!

Kids hooping it up at Southern Village Farmers Market on Thursday! 

I am thoroughly enjoying my new role as art-and-crafts-learning, fun-time-guru/hostess!! LOL! Today me and 30 - thirty - 3-6 year olds painted flower pots for Mothers Day. Playing with my nieces and nephews all those years - making cookies and digging water bars and hunting Christmas trees - is serving me well!!! 

I've realized - I am not taking many photos because the kids are there and we are having fun and I'm wiping hands and telling stories and helping out when they can't find the blue... and....! 
It is a secret about the flower pots:
DON'T tell anyone's mother ok? 

I always said my mom had 6-8 hands. She was iike an octopus! She could handle many things at one time! I am getting a glimpse of what she and many other moms live(d). I didn't say thanks enough, ok? 

Kay Walker displays luscious berries
from Walker Farms in Hillsborough. 
I am looking for a good Mother's Day story to post too.... but I'll go ahead and get the activity pages posted now. In case it RAINS again tomorrow, your kids will have something new to do! 

I'd love feedback on the pages and the recipes!

Strawberry Dreams Activity Page
Strawberry Dreams Coloring Page

You really should

Come see me do comedy. I did a show on Monday at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub in Raleigh and it may have been the funniest I have ever been in my life ever. (Ev-Ar.)
Next Thursday I'll be at DSI in Carrboro. It's in Carr Mill next to Southern Rail. The show is at 7:30pm and it costs $5 to get in. They have really clean bathrooms. In fact they get the "Slam Bam Thank You Ma'am" award for clean facilities. 

They sell snacks too. :-)

After the show we mosey out to the lawn at Weaver Street Market and swap stories. And grapes. And chocolate. And gingersnap cookies. Carrboro. Is. So. Sweet. Yes. You really should come see me do comedy. 

Post Script 

Back to the storytelling world... In case you didn't see the tweets this week!! I am now a member of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild. Yea!! I am very excited! And the write up is very nice if I do say so myself. 

I put "Storyteller" on my IRS 1040 Long form also. As friend Carol Payne reminded me it is a long-time dream come true. Many years ago I asked neighbor and professional storyteller, Louise Kessel, "so... do you wait tables... or teach art... or...?" She told me no. She was a storyteller. I still couldn't quite believe it, so I asked, "The 'profession' blank on your taxes -- you write 'Storyteller?'" Yes. On April 15 this year I too - finally - wrote in, "Storyteller." No confetti dropped from the sky. No one played a fanfare. But I knew it in my heart: Storyteller. 

We'll just call it a strawberry dream come true. :-)


Stay tuned. Next week: Great Aunt Louise's Cheesecake and strawberry sauce! 

Have a good week-end!! 

Thank you! Love, c. (With extra loves to the moms!!) 

Strawberries from the Durham Farmers Market