"Cynthia Raxter is an excellent story teller. She really captures the audience with imagination, liveliness and stories of her own life that resonate. She also does a great job of promoting the art of storytelling among the public and other storytellers." - Mariah W. The Joyful Jewel, Pittsboro, NC

"Cynthia performed for Durham County Library at our 3rd Annual Storytelling Festival. This is the second time she has participated in our festival and both times she has done an outstanding job. The patrons and staff loved her hilarious, personal stories. We very much enjoy having her a part of our events." - Lauren D. Durham County Library

"Cynthia is a true pro and such an asset to our community. I have worked with her in my roll as a Board Member for our local farmers market and as a conference organizer. I have booked Cindy to present a one hour workshop at our conference in our Big Ideas series, a session during our three day conference that steps back from the intensity and detail oriented workshops to allow participants to think more "Big Picture". Cynthia did a great job and was very well received by our farmer and foodie audience. She was also prompt in providing us all the information we needed to promote the workshop, filling out our online form with her program description, bio, photo, etc. As a board member for the market, we regularly tap Cindy's talents as a children's storyteller. She just exudes fun and warmth, and the children (and adults!) flock to her tent to hear her. She is just a treasure and a delight." - Laura S. Carolina Farm Stewardship Association 

Cynthia was our featured storyteller for an event we were doing to raise money to help young women who have financial need have a great experience at prom. Cynthia told great stories, full of meaning and laughter. We loved having her at our event.

Her fee was very reasonable. She was easy to work with. She even helped us connect with other storytellers in the area to fill our event. So generous.

I'd highly recommend her. - Steve T. Chatham Community Church January 4, 2016



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