Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thursdays Story - Using Every Scrap

Thursday's Story

vol. 3 no. 4

Using Every Scrap 

When I was little, I spent many hours sitting on my mom's lap at quilting bees - listening to the women talk. I couldn't understand what the women were saying - like adults on Charlie Brown I heard, "Wah nah wa na wheeen ah..." but I know I felt safe and loved. 

They lowered a quilt frame from the dining room ceiling with ropes and a pulley, and worked on the quilt all morning. At noon they lifted it back to the ceiling and set the dining room table with lunch. Beautiful dishes brimming with butter beans, potato salad, fresh chicken, corn muffins.... a table as beautiful as any painting. They ate, cleaned up, and then it was time to gather the younger children and head home. The older children would be coming home soon on the school bus. 

They worked at one aunt's house until her quilt was done. By then, another aunt or neighbor would have a top done and the quilting bee would move to her house. 

This was every Wednesdays until I too got big enough to catch a school bus. 

I think of all the meetings we have today. Could you imagine if we spent that time talking also quilting? Knitting? Making baby hats for preemies? Even walking and getting some exercise? I think we'd have better meetings -- and be happier and healthier humans.

Happy Thursday!

- an original story by Cynthia Raxter. 
Copyright 2012. Permission is required for reuse.