Tuesday, July 7, 2015

ALiCE is still missing ....

Me and my wonderful neighbors have been looking everywhere for Alice. She is a calico kitty and a sweetie. She went missing while I was in the mountains a few weeks ago ... but I still feel like she is close by, and her sister, Baby is still crying for her. I am too! :-/ 

She is 3 years old, microchipped and spayed. She weighs 8 pounds. She has a small head and looks kittenish! 

But she is a strong! She likes to hunt and climb trees -- good skills for a walkabout in the woods! 

We live near the "Lower Haw Natural Resource Area" state park so there are lots of woods! Many people use the trails and canoe and tube the river -- I am hoping someone will spot her! 

Here is her poster. And another poster with a full body picture -- you may think that one's better! If you feel like printing one out and posting, or forwarding this email that would be just awesome. 

Here are a few more photos! 


Tummy shot!
Right side
Left side

This is where we want her to be very soon!

Thank you so much!! XXXXOOOXXX!!