Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bynum General Store Storytelling

A new Bynum Front Porch series starts Feb. 13! A monthly storytelling show at the Bynum General Store! Family friendly - most enjoyed by those 8 and above! 

Hot cider and cookies at 6:30 - the stories start at 7pm! 

We'll be passing the hat. Thank you in advance for contributing if you can! 20% of proceeds will go to the scholarship fund!

For more information contact me: 919-444-9535 or email 

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Hope you can come! Love! Cindy

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Friday, February 5, 2016


A few brave daffodils are
blooming in my yard! 
Welcome February! This year February has 29 days! Ah! 29 days to eat Girl Scout Cookies. 

In the mountains if it's a leap year a girl can ask a guy to marry him. February 29th js called "Sadie Hawkins Day." In high school we had Sadie Hawkins dances - where the girls could ask the guys to dance. The fellas still didn't dance. They all stood over on the side and held up the wall of the gym. You know - if one of them actually moved away from the wall it was liables to collapse and kill us all! Yes! It was their God-given responsibility to hold up that wall!! But we girls at least got a chance to ask! 

Double click on calendar entries to see info about tickets, Facebook event links, maps to the location. If the iframe doesn't load, you can find my Calendar on Google. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Call or text: 919-444-9535 or send me a message on Facebook.

Thank you so much for looking at my calendar!

See you soon!    


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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Joyful Jewel's Storytelling Festival

Come join us! 

The Joyful Jewel's first Storytelling Festival is Friday night in lovely downtown Pittsboro! The theme is "New Beginnings." Come early for refreshments - the stories start at 7pm. The Joyful Jewel is just up from the Courthouse Circle at 44-A Hillsboro Street! From the program:
Judith Valerie is a poet, writer and storyteller. Judith is a member of the NC Storytelling Guild. “Finding Love at the Ashram” - Judith’s story shares how she left her former life to be true to her inner calling.

Beverly Miller - her grace and delightful demeanor are certain to entertain the audience. In her story “Opening Doors,” while in Maui, Beverly learned to trust the YES! she heard within herself.

Suz Robinson grew up in the land of dragons, fairies and leprechauns in the caves of the Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio and the mountains of West Virginia. She was often Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone or Joan of Arc! Years later, she wove these memories into stories. Today she writes stories about the magic found within Chatham County: Clyde Jones’ critters, the Haw River and the sprites of Shakori Hills. She is glad to once more be roaming in a land of dragons, fairies and leprechauns!! Suz is also our emcee for the evening! 

Roger Manus father and grandfathers were avid storytellers. Roger was an avid listener! As a young father Roger’s preschool son’s recurring request was, “Daddy, tell me a story!” Roger’s stories are autobiographical in nature and true. He has used storytelling in his legal advocacy work. Last year, at a conference in Seattle, Roger shared his technique of having clinical law students tell stories to enhance their legal practice skills. In “Breaking out of the Mental Hospital” Roger takes an unexpected journey to become an adoptive father.

Ken Corsbie originally from Guyana, was a dramatist, radio producer/ announcer, journalist, actor and television humorist in the Caribbean. He immigrated to the United States twenty years ago. He has performed throughout Canada and the United States in theaters, cafes, festivals, universities and libraries. He is the recipient of ten awards. In “White Picket Fences” Ken shares his lifelong dream of owning a home with a white picket fence. 

Cynthia Raxter is a writer and storyteller. She lives in a century old house in Bynum, NC with a bevy of strays. (Her heart is as wide as the Haw River next to her home!) She grew up in Western North Carolina on a dairy farm with six brothers and sisters - and many aunts, uncles and cousins! Today she entertains children and adults alike with a mesmerizing style and endearing stories of her childhood and life adventures. Cynthia is a member of Eyes Up Here, an organization for women comedians in North Carolina; as well as the NC Storytelling Guild. In “Shell Lessons” Cynthia introduces a new story about day at the beach she realized three important lessons - wet sand running through her fingers sifting shells out the surf.

Thanks Suzanne for that wonderful write-up! Call me if you need directions! 919-444-9535.
Hope to see you Friday! Love - Cindy

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