Monday, July 13, 2015

ALiCE is still missing ....

Me and my wonderful neighbors have been looking everywhere for Alice. She is a calico kitty and a sweetie. She went missing while I was in the mountains a few weeks ago ... but I still feel like she is close by, and her sister, Baby is still crying for her. I am too! :-/ 

She is 3 years old, microchipped and spayed. She weighs 8 pounds. She has a small head and looks kittenish! 

But she is a strong! She likes to hunt and climb trees -- good skills for a walkabout in the woods! 

We live near the "Lower Haw Natural Resource Area" state park so there are lots of woods! Many people use the trails and canoe and tube the river -- I am hoping someone will spot her! 

Here is her poster. And another poster with a full body picture -- you may think that one's better! If you feel like printing one out and posting, or forwarding this email that would be just awesome. 

Here are a few more photos! 


Tummy shot!
Right side
Left side

This is where we want her to be very soon!

Thank you so much!! XXXXOOOXXX!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thursdays Story - A Rascally Tale!

Thursday's Story 

vol. 3 no. 6

A Rascally Tale
** Written on September 14, 2001 **

Rascal is my new dog, a Jack Russell Terrier. She is a bit over a year old -- rambunctious... and as cute as puppies come. She has been my salvation this week also. She knows nothing about "tragedy" - just that life is good and the weather has been fine.

Last night she started barking under/at the kitchen table. Like there was a squirrel or opossum under there. Sometimes there is an opossum under there.... but not last night. 

Just the cat food bucket, the dog food bucket and the bird seed bucket. Five gallons each. Tightly closing lids. It would be a prime spot for an invading opossum! But not last night.

Then. Hiding in the back... behind the buckets... I found a Christmas decoration/ toy Moma gave me last year. It is a reindeer about 10 inches tall. He is in "Santa Town Jail": plastic bars, plastic padlock, handcuffs -- all.

When you press his hoof that has a hol't of the bars, he shivers and shakes and sings "Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer." 

It is a favorite with visiting children! To the point -- it is usually hidden by me or a mom to preserve our sanity. In fact, I think Carol Payne stuck it behind the bird seed bucket during a party in June.

So last night, when Rascal saw this guilty reindeer in my hand, she laid down almost flat. And she increased her volume of ruckus considerably. 

I sat it down on the floor so she would know it was just a toy.... and as I did she jumped backwards 10 feet into the living room.... still raising all kinds of commotion, sticking her head out around the door. RoooooW RooooW ROooooW RoooooW RoooooW! And if I could imagine it, it was even louder than before.

 An important point. The barking was not "afraid" but: "ALARM! ALARM! ALARM!"

I reached down to get, as I call it, the Indicted Reindeer... and noticed as I picked it up.... the hoof -- the "Press Me" hoof -- it had a tiny tiny--very very small tear in its upholstery. 

Perchance? A small dog... hadst she chewed upon it? 

I pressed the hoof. 

Rascal backflipped and dove, back'ards-first under the couch. 

Hmmmm hmmmm hmmm.... Grandma got run over by a reindeer..... and, a chorus of "RoooooW RooooW ROooooW RoooooW RoooooW!" emanating from somewhere near the dust ruffle..... 

Thank you Rascal. Thank you. 

My love to you all, Cindy

Cynthia Raxter
P.O. Box 182

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursdays Story - Dinah the Abra Slayer

Thursday's Story

vol. 3 no.5

Dinah the Abra Slayer
Have you heard my stories on Soundcloud? I add a new one every week or so. This week's Thursday's Story is "Dinah the Abra Slayer." You can listen on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Hope you enjoy!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursdays Story - Using Every Scrap

Thursday's Story

vol. 3 no. 4

Using Every Scrap 

When I was little, I spent many hours sitting on my mom's lap at quilting bees - listening to the women talk. I couldn't understand what the women were saying - like adults on Charlie Brown I heard, "Wah nah wa na wheeen ah..." but I know I felt safe and loved. 

They lowered a quilt frame from the dining room ceiling with ropes and a pulley, and worked on the quilt all morning. At noon they lifted it back to the ceiling and set the dining room table with lunch. Beautiful dishes brimming with butter beans, potato salad, fresh chicken, corn muffins.... a table as beautiful as any painting. They ate, cleaned up, and then it was time to gather the younger children and head home. The older children would be coming home soon on the school bus. 

They worked at one aunt's house until her quilt was done. By then, another aunt or neighbor would have a top done and the quilting bee would move to her house. 

This was every Wednesdays until I too got big enough to catch a school bus. 

I think of all the meetings we have today. Could you imagine if we spent that time talking also quilting? Knitting? Making baby hats for preemies? Even walking and getting some exercise? I think we'd have better meetings -- and be happier and healthier humans.

Happy Thursday!

- an original story by Cynthia Raxter. 
Copyright 2012. Permission is required for reuse.