Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where have I been?

Where the have I been since May you ask? I almost don't rightly know myself!! I got bronchitis at the end of May - I was coughing my fool head off and had to cancel a few shows. Then Mom got sick. I went to the mountains May 28th. She had surgery on May 30th and spent a week in the hospital. (Diverticulitis. she was very ill, but she is all better now.) 

She got out of the hospital on June 5th and I came home to Bynum that evening. I stopped to get coffee in Asheville and left my wallet. I didn't discover it was missing until Hickory. I had enough gas to get to Bynum thank goodness! A neighbor saw my Facebook post about the wallet and met me in the driveway with $50. I live in an incredible place.

The only reason I'd left the mountains was because Bodhi and Nigel both had all their teeth pulled. At 6:30 the next morning we drove to Hillsborough Road in Durham. Once I got them to where they needed to be, I was too exhausted to drive home. 
I slept in the car for 2 hours in front of Bojangles. I figured the busiest place in Durham was also probably the safest. After all that we fellas just laid low for a day or two. Quicker that you'd think, Bodhi and Nigel figured out how to swallow food whole. I got new credit cards in the mail in a few days. I got daily reports from the mountains -- Mom was getting better. Tammy stayed with her 24/7. I went back to the mountains on June 24. Then on June 25 we went to Atlanta to pick up Mary and Katie at the airport. 

We stopped at Gladys Knights Restaurant for supper/brunch/breakfast. 
After 18 hours on a plane Mary and Katie didn't care what we called it!

Someone sold lots of Mary Kay!!

On June 28 we left for the beach!! 

I contemplated life a lot, with my eyes closed. (a.k.a. napping!

A few storms... but we didn't need to hide on the stairs with a quilt!!
The view of the Intercostal Waterway is lovely
to wake up to every morning! I so love it there!!

There was late night popcorn and movies!!

...and puzzles - isn't this one STUNNING??

On July 6th we to home the mountains
to hang out with Wilbur....

...and an unwelcome bat at 1:30AM

There was lots of shopping!!!

Movies and Chinese food!!

There was lots of rain. The goat that lives on US 178 is ok however despite a mudslide that closed the road! (We went and checked.) 

And MORE SHOPPING!!! This time for shoes!!

Finally. Then. July 16th. A return trip to Atlanta... Mary and Katie back to the airport. :-(

Then Tammy and I went to the High Museum and saw the painting, "Girl with a Pearl Earring."
And some of God's handiwork - florists were setting up for a
reception: white orchids, roses, peonies and calla lilies. 
I love Midtown!! <3

Then on our way back to the mountains, there was rain. RAIN. Rain. After 4 hours we checked into a hotel for another night.
We got back to mom's July 18th.

July 20th Thomas and Nicole got married!! 

The rain stayed away!! Yea!!

My mom looked beautiful and is feeling all better. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes while she was sick!!  

I headed back to Bynum on Sunday June 21! Nigel ignored me for a few days when I got home but everyone else was glad to see me!! :-)

I got right to work! It felt good to be telling stories again!! 

June 23 at Clapping Hands Farm!

July 25 - at Southern Village Farmers Market!